roasted beet and salmon crostini

roasted root vegetable and barley salad

baked donuts + blackberry vanilla sauce

grits + poached egg + canadian bacon + dill oil

creamy baked eggs

ham, goat cheese + asparagus mini quiches

french toast sandwich + whipped goat cheese + berries + prosciutto

bacon and leek breakfast pizza

savory bread pudding >> apples, chard, pancetta and cheddar

main dish:

quinoa salad with chicken, walnuts and caper sauce

coke braised short rib tacos

kimchi and leek noodles

springtime veggie pasta

roasted tomato spaghetti + crispy chickpeas + dill

spicy stew + broccoli rabe + olives

aloo gobi inspired pizza

grilled peach pizza + mascarpone + prosciutto + apple cider reduction

beet glazed salmon + orange, fennel and pecan salad

roasted butternut squash + spicy yogurt + couscous

chicken, potato and mushroom stew + marsala and thyme

smoky braised chicken + goat cheese + pickled onion pizza

pork, tomatillo and pinto bean stew + six minute egg

sopes + fried jalapenos

grilled spiced chicken + rhubarb // cabbage tostadas

roasted tomato + eggplant flatbread

tomato tart + goat cheese + honey + thyme

spinach + noodle + fontina strata

savory bread pudding >> apples +  chard + pancetta + cheddar

grilled pork roulade

popcorn tofu + herby buttermilk

marinated beef + lettuce cups

lasagna rolls


tofu po' boy + yogurt tartar sauce

veggies + grain patty

mascarpone + chocolate + apricot coulis sandwich

grilled samosa sandwich + quick onion chutney

chicken pita + parsley, cucumber and greens salad + grilled feta

pulled pork

grilled avocado sandwich


chicken // feta meatball + tomato jam + arugula sandwich


celery root + potato gratin

broccoli + lemons + olives + almonds

roasted potato salad + chard + olives


panzanella skewers



roasted beet and salmon crostini

plantain chips + veggie ceviche

peach toasts + habanero infused honey

farro arancini + chiles and parmesan

cheddar tarts + spicy apple chutney

spanakopita bites

fall bruschetta


lemony cucumber, spinach and avocado soup

coconut curry soup + collards + spicy chickpeas

miso soup with roasted sweet potato and turnip greens

caramelized fennel soup

spicy black bean and quinoa soup

coconut curry + white fish soup

celery root and mushroom chowder


lemony spinach, cucumber and avocado soup

green pea soup


roasted root vegetable and barley salad

spicy chickpea, quinoa and arugula salad

thai noodle salad

corn, zucchini and feta salad

jicama, mango and grapefruit salad

spring green salad


honey yogurt panna cotta + grapefruit, blood orange and thyme

sweet potato pie + gingersnap crust

buttermilk pudding + strawberry coulis

brown butter + banana + chocolate chip + pretzel cookies

tapioca pudding + poached rhubarb + toasted coconut

boozy grilled pineapple sundae

banana bread + coconut milk glaze + dark chocolate + peanuts

mini blackberry rolls + lemon glaze  + pine nuts

upside down figgy cake

rhubarb sorbet + honey glazed rhubarb

sweet corn + jalapeno ice cream

blueberry goat cheese bars

blackberry pie + cornmeal crust


tamarind bloody mary

fennel + orange cocktail

captain's graduation

minted gin sour

kentucky beach party

persimmon lassi

rhubarb refresher

sriracha + wasabi bloody mary

sauces + such:

sriracha pimento cheese

hot sauce

beet + cherry jam