Friday, January 06, 2012

Day Off.

 Finn and I didn't have much in the way of plans for the day. This morning I suggested that we cook something together. Like I always do, I asked what we should make, his response "Star Wars Food". Um, can you be more specific son. "Nah". So helpful, that one. Well o.k then, I will see what I can come up with.

Have I ever said that I find Google frightening? Because I do.

Search: Star Wars Food
 Results:  Wookiepedia. 

How far down the rabbit hole do you wish to go today?

As you would expect there was also, of course, the Star Wars Food Blog. But that was bullshit. Who wants to make a cake that looks like a lightsaber? We want the real deal. We want to know exactly what those fuzzy little Endorians eat. Unfortunately, much to our chagrin, there were no recipes. Only descriptions of the many delicacies of far away galaxies. At the very least they could have provided us with appropriate substitutions for all those hard to find ingredients. No such luck. 
As I often do, I prepared something yesterday (actually over the last two days) for us to use for a meal either today or tomorrow. However when it came time to decide how to use the  Roasted Pork Belly in the fridge, the option of slicing off small pieces when no one is looking instead of actually doing anything with it seemed much more appealing to both of us. Time for plan B. Or C. Whatever.

Hey Finn, how about we take your mom to work, go get some sushi listen to Rock and Roll and go to the thrift store? 

"Can I get chopsticks?"
  " Then,YEEEEEESSSSS".   

And were off. 

That was pretty much exactly how it went. 
  • Dropped mom off.
  • Picked up sushi. (also jellybeans, green peppercorns, sherry vinegar and cornichons. Have I ever mentioned how Finn and I should never be allowed to shop together.)
  • Dropped some sushi off to mom at work (brownie points).
  • Listened to some good jams.
  •  Engaged in some Dude-Thrift  (Use that one freely. Or on second thought, maybe not. Sounds kind of questionable).

 I love it when these days happen. Even if we did get totally skunked at the thrift store(s). Seriously, not a single worth while camera, action figure or piece of bar-ware to be had in this whole damn city today. It was still a great day though, there were even a few firsts for the little dude.

This guy joined the "No forks club". One handed even! 

Instead of channel surfing until he heard "ya know, that one song". We listened to this! I'm pretty sure I even saw his little head start to move in the rear view. Stoked!

Like I said. Small triumphs. But it is these seemingly small things that make me proud.
Happy Friday everybody!




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