Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Best Days.

Sometimes we have a weekend. Other times, we have a small span of hours from when we punch out on the clock and a Monday morning commute.
Maybe we'll use them to recoup and recharge from/for the week. Other times it's a whole day for getting things done that somehow have gone unnoticed (or totally neglected) for the other 6.
Sometimes, there's friends non-stop!
Sometime's, it's pajamas all damn day! (sometimes, related to our friends)
Sometimes, ROAD TRIP.
Sometimes it's a secret.
The plan...there is no plan.
We will take this time and make it ours.

 This is Matilda Wormwood. Matilda is most definitely a fan of the weekend.
and making mischief.

Our good friend Michelle had a birthday this week. We offered to make dinner and have a few friends over to celebrate. Lindsay made the cake.
L:  I did.

 Both of the boys made her cards. Finn divided his painting between the card and the kitchen floor.

Triple rise dinner rolls! There were 32 yesterday. There are 1 1/2 left today.

We are pretty lucky to have kids who will eat just about anything. After eating several times already during the day Finn asked if he could choose his own dinner.  This is what he chose.

After spending 10 minutes trying to get these damn trick candles to light, you bet were going to post this blurry picture of Michelle blowing them out. (We did not, however, capture everyone else trying to help her with varying degrees of spittle).

Finn was not awake for the duration of the festivities last night. He awoke today to a couple of gifts from our guests.

J: I intended to take pictures of the dinner we prepared. Somehow, I forgot. So I made sure to capture these lil' sammies I made for breakfast with the leftovers. Triple rise roll, Flank Steak, Fried Egg and Spinach. Oh yes!

J: After a rousing game of "Tag Dad with Nerf Footballs while he rides his Mountain Bike around the Backyard" we took advantage of these for what we hope is not the last time this year.
L:  I laughed from afar.



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