Friday, January 13, 2012

Day Off. +1

    If you have kids, you probably already know what these are. When I awoke this morning, aside from an 8:00 a.m meeting at the shop, an epic battle involving hundreds of these little guys was our only plan. Gavin's school district has today and Monday off so Finn and I got to hang with him today too, which was awesome!

    Last night Lindsay and I decided to stay up for a bit after the boys went to bed to drink a few cocktails and muse about future plans and things to be done. The trouble with these times is that once we get rolling it's hard to put on the brakes (you can read into that however you wish). It also seems that we choose to do this almost exclusively on nights were we have somewhere to be early the next morning. It is usually on these mornings that we realize we did not make the best decision. Ugh...

      After stopping for coffee I miraculously made it to my meeting (and only 10 minutes late!). Blah, Blah, Blah, Big plans for the bike shop next year. Good job, now work harder, More on that some other time. Or not. Actually, most definitely not.
I returned home to two faces peering out at me from the front windows. Ready for the Nerf Apocalypse to start. I however, was not quite prepared. "Let Daddy sit for a few minutes, then we will battle". Since Lindsay had not yet had any, and the 4 shots of espresso I'd already consumed were not quite cutting it (don't judge me), I ground some beans and made another pot of coffee for she and I right before she left. I sat down for a minute to check my e-mails. Nothing. Nothing. Junk. Nothing. Then I opened a seemingly innocuous one from multiple co-conspirators. I can't really say what is (potentially) going on but suffice it to say, my response to said e-mail was, as such "HOOOOLLLLYYYY SSSHHHHHIIITTTT". Lindsay had left already so I immediately called her at work, hung up when her boss answered, then shot her a text telling her to call me immediately. She whispered her enthusiasm and quickly let me go. 
"Hey boys, small change of plans. We have to hit the store".

"WHAT? WHY? COME ON DAD!" Little boys do not like it when you mess with their plans. Of course I had planned for this already. "I will buy new darts. Ya know, the big pack". Instant silence. Then.... "YESSSSSS"! It pays to know your children's currency. 
And we were off to the store.

Darts purchased. Check.
Food for the days activities purchased. Check.
Charcoal and grill dug from the depths or the garage. Check.
Wait, what!? It's 19° outside.

I have my reasons. And they are pretty good.

So, yeah. I had an epic Nerf gun battle. I grilled chicken skewers on the coldest day of the year. I cleaned the house, did dishes and laundry. Played with Legos. Did a little lazing about. Sent some e-mails, got some e-mails. Did some daydreaming. Did some head scratching. Had an awesome dinner. Now I'm finishing it up listening to bedtime stories from the other room.
 Damn good day.

 I hope yours was too.




  1. Kelly MesserJan 14, 2012 10:27 PM
    You don't have to have kids to know what those are! My husband & I have Nerf guns...& we know how to use them. Just ask our friends, whose house we raided one night...& they are still finding the bullets. LOL!

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