What we do.

Collectively, since we've been together, we have developed a somewhat broad and eclectic skill-set. Coffee Roaster, hair stylist, certified tax assessor, professional bicycle mechanic, retail person, baker and chef. Aside from the tax assessment gig, a lapse in judgement which was basically an  "Oh, shit were having another kid, I better grow up" kind of thing. They have all had one thing in common. They really have not sucked. We have even been fortunate enough to have had some really awesome ones. They have afforded us the opportunity to be somewhat creative, have flexible hours and keep us moderately comfortable. I'm not going to lie, we've come home to the lights being out when there has been no storm. But we've made it work. The problem is, despite some of these jobs being great they have never been enough, never quite right. We're restless. Restless because we know what we want. We have always known, and now we're finally ready to get it.  This makes it incredibly difficult to wake up in the morning and drag your ass to work and pretend to care.  All we can do all day long is dream about the future.  Dream about the food, the menu, the execution , and the day we don't have to punch in for someone else. (in case you have not caught on, were working on opening a small restaurant). It is both exciting and miserable, and it cannot happen fast enough.  So, here we stand trying to make it through another day, hoping that tomorrow is


day. Cheers to anyone else working for something better.

Despite the fact that we have really liked most of our jobs. We feel this video is still appropriate. If for no other reason than his totally F'n awesome hat!

Bird and Cleaver