best days.

Every time we take a step back, and spend a little less time on B&C, I always feel this sense of obligation to explain to everyone why. So, here goes; we fucking felt like it. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I don't think I would need to explain to anyone how much of a pain in the ass, and completely exhausting this year has been already. It is during these times that we should all take advantage of the isolation that is somewhat forced upon us, and put it to use. Meaning, be slow.
Look around you, at what you have; can you afford to get rid of it? If the answer is yes, do it. This is the time of year we become most capable of shedding all the things we need to stop carrying around. Streamlining; that's what I am talking about. That's what we've been up to. Flushing out all the shit we don't need, making a lot more room for the things we do.

Deep breaths, people, Spring is almost here. I know this year, we will certainly be ready for it. 

1 >> a super indulgent stout float with dark chocolate + coffee syrup
2 >> freshly baked bread with goat cheese + dill
3 >> hot tea and movies to remedy a cold