best days.

 Well, this is it. It is officially the last week of our summer. The boys start school next week, then we're back to being slaves of routine for another 10 months. It's o.k though, it will be a nice change of pace. Don't get me wrong, we absolutely love summertime! It's just that this year, it has been kind of a wild one. Not really adventures wise, just obligation and "gotta get shit done" wise. Sometimes that just happens. Even though this summer has not quite been the one we had probably expected, we wouldn't have changed it for anything! Not to mention, we still have 5 whole days left! That's plenty of time for at least one more.......something.

1 >> the perfect summer dinner.
2 >> a little bit of baking.  a little bit of wine.
3 >> purple salad. my new favorite lunch.
4 >> "I'm gonna eat this chicken bone like a caveman!"
5 >> sunset at the bachelorette party.