best days.

Warmer weather has officially arrived and we could not be happier.  We have a lot of exciting new things happening around here, and paired with this lovely weather, I feel like life couldn't possibly get much better.
This weekend I co-hosted my friend Nicole's bridal shower.  John helped me cater the food (Thank goodness for him! I have only catered on my own a very few times- it may have inspired some day drinking...) Anyhow, the shower was lovely and everybody seemed to have a wonderful time.  I cannot wait to see her wedding finally come together!

We finished out the weekend with John's new musical project, a much needed nature hike, lots of food and the premiere of Mad Men!  Here's to a speedy work week and another weekend just like this one.

1 >> lord of the flies.
2 >> cake and her boy.
3 >> tree climber
4 >> spring!
5 + 6 >> two different boys, same spot.