best days.

Our apologies for the last week. Our day to day responsibilities really piled up, and totally usurped any creative impulse we could muster for the past seven days. But, we are back, well rested and ready to go. Which is good, because this next week doesn't show much sign of slowing very much. We have a couple tasty recipes to put up, along with a few other surprises. So, check back soon.

As far as this weekend is concerned, I don't think any of us realized how jam packed it was until it was over. The 5:45 alarm sounding off this morning seemed like a cruel joke, but it was also a reminder of something we had desperately needed. Good friends and new babies, birthday parties, an overdue dinner date, sleepovers, rock and roll, some big news, and lots of time in the kitchen! Not to mention, we were able to both have a snowball fight, and then the next day wear short sleeves! Damn good weekend. Hope yours was too!
1 >> snow angels
2 >> blowing bubbles
3 >> the biggest bubble
4 >> upside down cake
5 >> teepee life