best days.

Of course, as I write this, it is dumping snow and we are just beginning our normal weekday routine. Perhaps our dreams of a weekend long sledding extravaganza may never come to pass. It certainly seems as though the Mid-western winters of our childhoods are long gone. Spending our weekends running back and forth from snowball fights and unstable igloos to sitting on top of the floor vent heat; is that too much to ask? Evidently, yes.

Despite the fact that we spent yet another weekend holed up inside, no one seemed to mind. Our standard issue activities for those coveted 2 days proved to be all we needed. Plenty of all of our favorite things (that's food, relaxing, and being together with our favorite people).  Topped off with a little B-day party for our oldest guy! It may not have spent it on a plastic saucer spinning out of control, but this weekend was pretty alright.

1 >> a birthday cake for g.
2 >> naughty cat.
3 >> "really dude?!"
4 >> john and lord winky.
5 >> a serious artist's pose.
6 >> typical.
7 >> brothers.