best days.

"best days", "bird and cleaver"

 The last couple of weeks have been really exhausting. As much as we will try to tell you we are spontaneous, fly by the seat of our pants kind of people, we really need a routine to keep us grounded. If we get out of sorts, all bets are off. Thankfully, it looks as though things are getting back to normal. Well, at least our normal. We really don't need to go into the details any further, but we seriously needed this weekend. Nothing fancy; just a lot of relaxation and doing what we do. Pretty amazing what a little extra sleep, a little more time, and an abundance of good food can do. Cheers, to another great weekend and feeling like ourselves again!

1 >> sleeping in the teepee.
2 >> french toast breakfast.
3 >> a forgotten christmas decoration.
4 >> sunset.
5 >> being silly.
6 >> lazy bums.

spicy black bean + quinoa soup

chicken // feta meatball + tomato jam + arugula sandwich