Woolgathering // Year Is A Year.

 Not entirely sure how it happened, but our little blog just celebrated its one year anniversary! Not really sure how that slipped our minds until now, but it did. We are not really ones to make a big production out of things, we do however, feel very strongly about well deserved things being recognized for what they are. So, I suppose, I had betta' recognize!

Lindsay reminds me every so often of how I was somewhat hesitant to enter into this whole venture with her. As we have said countless times, we do everything together. So why not this? Maybe because I was afraid I would have nothing to say (which, at times, is still arguable). Or perhaps, I was afraid no one would give a shit if I did. As I soon found out though, I didn't much care. Turns out, what I needed was a place to spill the things I have always held onto. To open up the curtains and let some light in. Everyone needs that from time to time. She knew it was something I desperately needed then. After a year of doing it, I can finally acknowledge, I really did. 

I can't imagine she was able to predict the kind of year we would have. But it has certainly been one for the books. Lots of big ups, and way, way downs. Countless times I have sat in my usual spot on the couch, while the rest of the house sleeps, typing away on a post never to be published. During these times I carry on a dialogue with myself that typically consists of things like "Whoa dude, way to much info", "Are you allowed to say that?" or "Come on, is it really that bad". Even the worst shit gets typed at least once. Just so I can see it. It's so much clearer to me if I really mean something, when I can see it written out in front of me. Many times, that's all it takes. Sometimes the author is the audience.

When it is not just for me, I am really glad someone is out there reading. So, if that's you, thanks. If you are just some random person who happened upon us because you saw a random picture of tasty treats, thanks to you too.

Happy to have a place where I can talk.

Talk about being a Dad, getting older, disappointment, joy, food, relationships, creating things, life being lived.

Happy we are here. All of us. This is where I have been.