Best Days.

by Bird and Cleaver in "Day Off", "best days", "fall"

So yesterday, it was 70 and blue skies . Today, it is gray clouds spitting tiny white flakes that melt the moment they touch the ground. Midwestern fall, I will never understand you. Since the weekend was so beautiful (albeit, unbelievably windy) we took advantage of what may have been the last nice day of the year. Or perhaps, the last nice day ever, depending on what calender you follow.

Despite the unseasonable temps. fresh on our minds, fall has definitely caught hold in this house . Our food is getting heartier. Our clothes are getting warmer The anticipation of the upcoming holidays is almost too much for us to bear. We even watched our first X-mas movie last night, just to get our fix. Pretty high spirits all around. Even things like raking don't really seem like a chores right now! So cheers, to gray skies, wet leaves, and another awesome weekend.

1 >> grits for breakfast.
2 >> fresh ravioli.
3 >> best friends
4 >> family picnic.  today it is snowing!
5 >> pumpkin puddings.
6 >> little helper.