Quick Cocktail // The Bar Bottom A.K.A The Bitchy Baby

 To my fellow Indiana folks, I am sure this scenario is nothing new. 

"Ahhhh, today was an awesome day. I think I would like a beer."
"Oh shoot, we are out of beer. I know, I'll have a glass of wine"
"Well shit, out of wine."
"Maybe a cocktail?"
"Oh good god, you have to be kidding! We are totally dry!"

No big deal, right? Just hop in the car and go get some more. Well, it's Sunday, and evidently at some point in our amazing states history we decided that Sundays are not for drinkin'. (reason 10,578 to move far away). I suppose I could take a scenic drive to the border and hit up the first Ohio Wal-mart I see, but I was really in the mood for relaxing.

Wait, what's this I see. Covered in dust at the back of our lowly bar? Yes, yes. I can do this. 

"Here, drink this." (yes, I made L try it first)
"What the hell is it?"
"Just try it. Is it good?"
 "Yeah it is. But what is it?"
"Just my new cocktail!"

Saved by common mixers! Ingenuity, I gots it!

*For the record, I am not an alcoholic.

Bitchy Baby
*had a naming session.  this won.

 2oz triple sec // 1 1/2 red vermouth // juice of 1/2 lemon // soda water

 Fill glass with ice, add triple sec and vermouth.  Top with lemon and soda water.  Garnish with lemon slices and fresh basil. 

You're done. Enjoy!

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