popsicle week :: lemon + cucumber + basil

Yes, cucumber. Why? Because it is tasty and refreshing. This combination works so well in other ways so we thought,  "why not a popsicle?". However, you should be careful going all willy nilly and just making any old flavor combo into popsicles. In case you were wondering, chili dog definitely does not make the cut.

This recipe is quite tart, which we love. Be sure to taste the mixture prior to freezing and adjust the amounts of simple syrup to your taste preference.

Lemon / Basil / Cucumber Popsicle 

1/2 Fresh lemon juice // 3/4 cup simple syrup (recipe follows) // 1/2 medium cucumber // 3-4 large basil leaves torn into small pieces

To make simple syrup combine equal parts white sugar and water in a sealed container. Shake until sugar is dissolved. This syrup is also perfect for cocktails, so it's a good thing to have on hand.

Cut cucumber into 1/4" slices. In large bowl combine all ingredients together and leave set at room temp for 1 hour to let flavors come together. Strain out cucumber (and seeds) and add more basil if desireed.  Fill Popsicle mold.