Greenhouse Dinner

Yesterday, we told you all that we were really excited about the future of B&C. So, directly on the heels of that proclamation, we wanted to show you a little of the "why".

Ask any artist/creative from our neck of the woods about the pitfalls of "the collaboration". Sure, finding somebody to take photos, paint something, design a poster, or cook you a meal, that compliments your craft, is just a mouse click away. There is no shortage of people hungry (sorry) to show you what they've got. However, finding people who understand your work beyond the ephemeral, is something altogether different.

 The greenhouse dinner was in the planning stages for a while; a collaboration with our recent friends, the Colagrossis. Mitch and Destany have become fast friends, not only for their amazing talents behind the lens, but for their tireless efforts to make our community a place worthy of being proud of. With their help (along with the help, of a very select few of our current, creative crushes), we were able to give a proper visual to the future of B&C, and the beauty of simplicity, and community.

So, cheers to friends, and stars aligning.

Many thanks to the Colagrossis, Maeve Vintage,   McNamara Florist and Greenhouse, Get Fresh Farms and Hawkins Family Farm

Special thanks to our friends @carpendaughter, @edenamerica  and @utesch

lindsay Cheesebrew