supper club

While we have been relatively silent lately, that doesn't mean we don't much to say. If you have been with us long enough, you understand the ebb and flow of how we do things. You can't rush , that's when you become insincere. And if that were to ever happen, that would be when we hang it up, and never look back.

It has taken a long time for us to become comfortable with the idea of letting things, really, truly, fall into place. Meaning, we have a lot of big ideas; things that would make us happy. However, over the years, we have learned to look a little close, and not push ourselves into situations that compromise what it is we truly want.

So, what does that mean for Bird & Cleaver? Well, that means that we have written several, complete, business plans, with enough detail to make us a full fledged, brick and mortar entity. We have had opportunities to promote ourselves to audiences far beyond our current reach. Offers, offers, blah, blah, blah. Basically, we have it all laid out. Just a few steps away from signing our way right into that thing we always talked about. That thing that is totally not right for us.

When we sat there, looking at that stack of papers, it became really obvious, that they had about as much soul as we would, if we settled down. The entire reason that we have the relationship that we do; with food, and with each other, is because of a shared experience. The experience is what we live for. Sure, it's about good food; but that's only half of it. The other half is what we couldn't bring ourselves to leave out of our end game. The communal table, the leisurely conversation, the passing of dishes; all of it. The experience of the place and time. These are things that we cannot compromise, but also could see no real way to incorporate into the plans we had laid out for ourselves. So, that brings us to now.

I think that when the idea of a supper club was first suggested, we both felt kind of silly that the answer was so simple. Good company, great food, comfortable surroundings, no obligations. This is what we do. Now that we have a vision (at least for now, you know we are restless people), we are ready to share it.

These are the pictures of our very first B&C supper club. A huge thanks to everyone who came, and shared the day with us. It really was amazing. Extra special thanks to Emily for hosting, and a huge, huge thanks to Adam Garland for capturing it.  You can (and should) follow his work on instagram.

So, who's hosting #2?

bird-cleaver-supper-club-1-HQ-adamgarland (29 of 30).jpg

** all images taken by Adam Garland