There are always those times of year, when even though it seems as though you mostly have it all under control, there is still a air of panic lingering. The end of the school year is definitely one of those times. Sure, we are grateful for the warm weather and adventure plans. But, summer has its faults just like everything else. That is not ever a thing I thought I would honestly be able to say. I mean, come one, its summer! How can you not love the warmth, and everything that comes along with it? Bikes, BBQ, actually fresh vegetables, sitting outside, optional clothing. Perfection? Yes! Well, mostly. Ya see, for every fantastic point, there is always a counter. Not to mention, for us, this year will also see the culmination of several other small events that add up into one big logistical $%#@*. Sure, we made our own bed, but we don't have to think it's comfy.

One of the biggest changes for this year is that we have a real bonafide teenager. With that comes spur of the moment decision making skills; where the wrong answer, or thinking to slowly could cause major upheaval in an otherwise quiet day. Translation: indecisive, expensive hormones.

In addition to raging puberty, we will have to be on our game if we also expect to keep the peace with the youngest member of the household. Don't think for a second that all the free flowing money, and extra curricular activities big bro is privy to, would be lost on someone who is still runnin' velcro kicks.

I'm certainly not putting this out into the world as some sort of "woe is us" pity post. It is merely a quick little update/disclaimer on our whereabouts. It occurred to me that one of the very last things we posted on here was talking about what to think if we ever "disappeared". So, I figured I would let you know that we have not. However, after planning an anniversary party, multiple birthday parties/caterings, the longest trip we have taken in a decade, spring purging, the yearly yard redo, as well as our regular warm weather routine, we may wish we had. Or maybe we will just enjoy the summer. Yeah, that's what we'll do. Cheers, friends.

my mama on her 86th birthday.

my mama on her 86th birthday.