hot sauce

 I was trying so hard to come up with a better name than just "hot sauce". Obviously, I was unsuccessful. When it came down to it, it all just seemed a bit to much. Kind of unnecessary, ya know? I mean, I could have called it "fresh habañero insanity sauce", or "John's zesty good-time in a bottle", or maybe "grilled garden pepper jubilee". But, it just didn't quite fit. I also realized that most hot sauce tastes like shit, and they have to give it crazy names so people will buy it. This sauce is simple. No fuss. It also happens to taste pretty swell. So, I think "hot sauce" suits it just fine.

It should go without saying, but I will do it anyway. It's hot sauce, you can put this on whatever you want. For photographic purposes (and also because it is when we use the most hot sauce), we chose to douse our  breakfast in it. Also, for the millionth time, adapt away. We are not scientists, we are chefs. We post what works for us, and what happens to taste good. So, tweak away.

hot sauce 

2  habañero peppers
1 lemon
3 thai chilies
4 garlic cloves
1/2 small red onion
1 Tb sugar
 2 cups white vinegar
1 Tb kosher salt
1 Tb paprika
1 small tomato, quartered

Toss peppers, lemon, garlic, and onion with a small amount of olive oil, salt and pepper. Over med-high heat, grill until soft and slightly charred. If you do not have a grill, roast in oven at 450 for about 10-15 min. Remove from heat and let cool. Cut peppers in half, remove seeds and ribs. Leave them in if you like it hot. If you need me to remind you to not touch your face during this process you should probably commission a friend to make this for you. Add cooked veggies, juice of the lemon, and all the remaining ingredients to a blender. Blend until totally liquified. Place in a clean container and refrigerate. You can use it right away if you want, but it's better if it sits. Whatever you choose, enjoy.



  1. NicoleApril 24, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    I like John's zesty good-time in a bottle! Although, that kind of scares me at the same time too. . .


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